09 mars 2009

Madame Butterfly

Madama Butterfly Approximate running time 3 hrs. 25 min. Patricia Racette sings the title role of Puccini's "Japanese Tragedy" in Anthony Minghella's stunning production, a new classic of the Met repertory. Also starring Marcello Giordani as Pinkerton and Dwayne Croft as Sharpless. © Met : http://www.metoperafamily.org/metopera/history/stories/synopsis.aspx?id=258 en direct du Mettropolitan Opera de New York hier soir à Mulhouse. Sur écran géant en haute définition avec la technologie HDDC... mais... [Lire la suite]
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23 août 2008

une fée...

© Cheyenne Angel, aoùt 08
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25 janvier 2008

Viggo Mortensen, The People Speak

Viggo Mortensen, The People speak Masters of war Come you masters of warYou that build all the gunsYou that build the death planesYou that build the big bombsYou that hide behind wallsYou that hide behind desksI just want you to knowI can see through your masksYou that never done nothin'But build to destroyYou play with my worldLike it's your little toyYou put a gun in my handAnd you hide from my eyesAnd you turn and run fartherWhen the fast bullets flyLike Judas of oldYou lie and deceiveA world war can be wonYou... [Lire la suite]
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10 novembre 2007

The Fountain

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30 septembre 2007

Emotion à l'état Pur

Emotion © Photo Cheyenne Angel
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